Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Let's Play Catch Up, Shall We?

First of all, I'm sorry. I hate it when my favorite bloggers don't blog, and, not that I'm anyone's favorite blogger, I really should do better. Of course, I'm not going to make any promises either...sorry (again...I just need to shut up already...)

First of all, there's a new gnome in town. His name is Sean. Sean has a distinctive way of speaking...all his s's come out as sh's. (If you're wondering if I've completely lost my mind, you need to refer back to the Changes in Latitudes post.) Sean came to us all the way from Colorado (thank you to those responsible). He's probably glad he got the hell out of town.You will also note that Sean is not in the tree. We figured he'd live longer if he didn't have far to fall (or be pushed).

If you look closely you'll be able to discern that there is in fact a logo on Sean's pointy little hat, and he is holding a football.This should give you some idea where our NFL loyalties lie. Although, in this part of the world there aren't very many opportunities to watch these games in high-def (stinkin' Falcons!)...but there is the internet!

We also have another new resident in the forest.

This is Eddie. At the time this was taken, Eddie was not much bigger than the cat. While his mom (we shall call her Felicia) foraged in the field by our yard, Eddie came to relax right by the fence. I managed to get within a few feet of him. Since this picture was taken, Eddie has broadened his horizons by venturing across the road, getting himself stuck in the kudzu and having to be rescued by Felicia. Never a dull moment at The Hermitage!

Progress has been made on the pond...

Ignore that blurry part at the top...my hair was, as usual, out of control. This is the upper pond. The seating area still needs to be finished....also, right behind the chairs is a rock garden planted with sedum, ice plants, columbine, a few daisy-like plants and some other creeping thing of which I do not know the name.

Stream looking down from the upper pond. You can see the lower pond at the top of the photo.

Lower pond. Note Sean's more secure position. The bug will probably be relocated. All those plants between the rocks are intentional. They have little tiny purple flowers that look like forget-me-nots...just much, much smaller. Don't ask me what they are...I have no memory for such things.

Right after downloading these pictures I stood up and saw a cardinal splashing around in the stream. Of course, when I opened the door he flew off. The birds love the stream, and we were entertained one evening watching a young Titmouse try to figure out exactly how he should go about it getting his feet wet. I now have a new mission...to catch the birds on video.

Tomorrow I will be jetting off to a far away, and much cooler (both literally and figuratively) land, to spend a few days with the other love of my life. Right now I'm all fidgety and butterfly-y...I get this way before a big trip...little known fact about me...I hate flying, not because I'm scared, but because I hate the whole process...the rules, the attitude, the being crammed into a 2 x 2 box for 5 1/2 hours. Don't get me wrong...I can't wait for the destination...it makes the journey so worthwhile. I'm sure I'll have many adventures to report...and I will.