Monday, February 21, 2011

Grape Tomatoes...a reminder

I'm working on another post, really I am. It's taking me awhile, because the subject matter is complex.

Anyway, there was a little incident with today's lunch, which resulted in a reminder to myself. If it helps anyone else then my work is complete.

So, this morning I was running a little late.
(Which is pretty much par for Mondays, because there is the added bonus of hauling the trash out to the curb.)

As I'm tossing veggies in a bowl for today's lunch I come across the grape tomatoes.

Love the things.

Although they're small and bite-sized, I usually slice them in half. This keeps one from having to chase them around the bowl whilst trying to stab them with a fork. (I've come to the conclusion that when going after a whole grape tomato one has to be quick and decisive.) BUT, being trash day and needing to get out the door, I just threw them in the bowl, slapped the lid on it, and sped off.

Fast forward to lunch. Now, I very well could have taken the time to slice those tomatoes before eating the salad, after all I do have the tools here at the store to do it, AND I actually had the knife in my hand because I had just sliced a cucumber, but noooo! I'm tough...I can handle those puppies. And for the first few bites I had things perfectly under control.

But I got distracted.

Now, you must know I absolutely do not chew with my mouth open. (I very clearly remember the day my father made it known to the four of us children that we were all to close our mouths when chewing and there would be no further reminders!) But there is that split second between putting food in your mouth and actually closing your mouth. That split second when you're actually biting down on, oh I don't know, say a whole grape tomato, on the way to closing your mouth, when your mouth is still technically open.

And we all know what happens when one bites into a grape tomato.

Yep, that's right...a perfect little arc of seeds went spewing between my unsealed lips and landed gloriously on my freshly laundered pants.

I am sooo thankful I was dining alone.

Lesson, or rather lessons, learned!


pharm said...

Ok, now I really want to read the post you're working on!

Betty and Dale Smith said...

I had cherry tomatoes at lunch yesterday and thought of you...and kept my mouth closed! :)