Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Contribution from Mr. B....

Editors note:  A few weeks ago I delivered unto my husband (Mr. B) Sassy and Sammy. Sassy, it seems, is delighted with her new digs...she has approximately 1 1/2 fenced acres to patrol, and she takes her job very seriously.  Sammy, on the other hand, is thinking that my trip to the grocery store is taking an awfully long time. The following, from an email sent to me by Mr. B,  is what I'm sure is to be the first of many adventures for the pupcake:

It was a soft furry brown motion moving along the fence that I first noticed.  When it saw me it made for the fence to get away.  It made it thru the fence to come face to face with a pup.

Sassy started barking and they exchanged greetings.  As they danced across the back yard loudly proclaiming their admiration for each other, I could only watch. 

They had different ways of dealing with the other's attraction.  Sassy gave it her hind end to chew on (nothing but lots of hair there), the other tried to kiss her back with clicking added in for show. 

Well the brown furry visitor made it back thru the fence at the chicken house.

Haven't seen it since. 

But you will have to ask Sassy about her first dance with a woodchuck.

(photo from sodahead.com)

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