Wednesday, January 19, 2011

To Prove My Point

Okay, kids.
This is what I want you to do.
First, muster up your very best red-neck accent.
Go ahead...I know you have one.
Now, I want you to say the following sentence out loud in that accent:

"Our product development department has came up with..."

Hearing that every day on the radio makes me want to stab pointy sticks into my ears.

In the past week, along with the above,
I have heard "ain't" used in a local radio ad,
and a news broadcaster say, "That's a whole nother story",
and a television commercial for a national product for children use the word "funnest".

These phrases do not instill confidence.
They do not create a connection.
They make they speaker appear uneducated.
They make the product appear substandard.

 I ain't got no more to say 'bout this here matter. (Spoken in my best red-neck accent).

1 comment:

ggminton said...

Point taken....and with the texting, folks are not going to be albe to spell..

u r right