Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Little Irony

Our cable television provider and the local NBC affiliate are in a little contract tiff, and as a result as of Monday at midnight we can no longer watch NBC or CW programming at our house.

Honestly, there is very little on either of those channels that I watch, so no big deal.
Except there is one show that I really, really like...Parenthood.
If you've never seen it, you's good.
It airs on Tuesday evenings.

So last night I was slightly miffed over this whole money-grousing thing between the two entities. But then I recalled that this particular show can be viewed on-line.

So, that is exactly what I did!

It was great because I actually watched two episodes in the same length of time it would have taken to watch one episode on television.

The irony?
Our cable provider is also our internet provider.


pharmgirl said...

You should have seen me go all "special forces" on AT&T the other night. The wireless internet and the land line were down.
And, they made the grave error of leaving me on hold for 45 minutes. what really made it bad was that the recording kept telling me to go to the internet.

Lisa said...

LOL...oh, if only! Going "special forces" is what we girls do best, isn't it? I'm sure they're hoping to never piss you off again!