Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The fun stuff always happens...

when I'm not around (pout)!

On Saturday I ran into town (I love saying that) to order appliances. I already knew what I wanted so I thought it would be, as Anna and her dad used to say, "a piece of cheese."

Well, not so much.

I ended up having to order completely different stuff...oh big deal.

While I was there Mr. B called to tell me I needed a new kitchen sink and should pick one up on the way home.

Okey, dokey.

As I was leaving the store Mr. B called to tell that he and Dolly had a visitor.

A very cute visitor.

At least he took pictures.

Check out the size of those ears!

If I had been here, I would have offered snacks.

1 comment:

pharmgirl said...

Hers a pretty durl! Yes, yes, her is!

Perhaps your mother-ship drops deer? Bring her with you when you come to Missouri.