Sunday, November 20, 2011

I Am Woman...Hear Me Roar

It takes 89 steps (all up hill) with an empty dolly to get to the storage shed.
It takes 109 downhill steps to get to the back door with a fully loaded dolly.
(If this situation were reversed, I’d being sprawled in a heap, partially buried in wet leaves with a certain pup licking my face in an attempt to revive me.)

It took 7 round trips (fraught with wet leaves, hidden tree roots, rocks, ditches, etc.) to get all of my stamping supplies transferred from the storage shed to the house.
Or 623 uphill steps.
And 763 downhill steps.
For a grand total of 1,386 steps.

For the sake of perspective, that would be like 69.3 trips up and down your basement stairs. (You should just make it an even 70, because no one wants to hang out on the basement stairs.)

For kicks let’s just say the stairs are rickety and covered w/ wet leaves and while going up the stairs you’re carrying a toddler, and while you’re going down the stairs you’re carrying two toddlers and are accompanied by a Labrador retriever, over whom you’re trying not to trip.

AND someone has turned on the humidifier.
(I look like a 60’s era country-western singer at the moment.)

Anyway, if I did this every day I’m certain I’d have Bonnie Blair thighs.
Thighs of steel are overrated.
I think I’ll go drink a beer.


pharmgirl said...

My sister Sisyphus!

I hope you're making me some cards!

Betty and Dale Smith said...

If you get buns of steel also, then it would be worth it! Think I will have a beer in your honor! LY