Sunday, January 9, 2011

Adventures in Yoga

I've decided that I really like the whole yoga thing.
And there's something to be said for doing it in the privacy of your own home.
Because no one sees you topple over when doing some full body stretch that involves bricks.
And nobody can laugh at you when your boobs get in the way of another stretch.
There are issues with having an ample bosom and small feet.
Just saying...

However, there are some disadvantages, too.
Three to be exact.
Their names are Sam, Dolly, and Sassy.
Sam thinks any time my body is not in motion it's kitty snuggle time.
Dolly has this crazy hair-nesting thing going on.
Sassy feels it is her obligation to "revive" anyone lying on the floor with a frenzy of wet doggy kisses.
So...while I'm doing my yoga thing they are banished to the great outdoors.
Problem solved, right?

There's just one little thing...
I can look over at any time and see three furry little faces staring at me through the door.

I wonder if they're laughing?


ggminton said...

They may not be laughing, but your dreaded mother-in-law is./..

have 3:" snow..

The wind doth blow and we will have snow and what will the poor robin do then, poor thing.

Will, I have all the feeders full and the heater on in the bird bath, so they are happy as clams at least here at the Minton homstead...

Compliments of the Wild Bird Store...

Anonymous said...

They are - laughing at you :)

pharmgirl said...

Sam is too much of a gentleman.
Sassy thinks the squirrels have taken your brain.
Dolly is hungry.