Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Random Rant

Will someone please tell me when it became acceptable for the media to butcher the English language?

Is it a case of trying to "connect", or do these people truly not know better?
And where the hell is the editor?
And if the editor is allowing this stuff to go through they need to find another line of work.

Okay, I'm finished.
Carry on.


ggminton said...

Man, I don't want to get on your 'mad' side... I love you, your dreaded-mother-inlaw

Hopefully that is correct english

Lisa said...

No, my dear mother-in-law, I have never heard you mangle the English language, and I'm a little more forgiving of family. I love you, too.

pharmgirl said...

have another cup of coffee, chicka!

Betty and Dale Smith said...

Me and you need to talk...hee, hee

Do they not teach grammer in school anymore? I believe it is supposed to say, "You and I need to talk." But these days "me" is always first!